At Ümlaut Media we know that great design is much more than just looking good. A great brand should be engaging, memorable and timeless, encapsulating how your company is viewed by all those who experience it. We understand this and work with small and medium-sized companies to create meaningful and creative design work that will fuel your business growth.

We specialise in a range of services from branding, logo and web design to print work. Below is a selection of services that Ümlaut Media can offer. We are very flexible though and can tailor our packages to suit individual requirements.

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Your brand is crucial in distinguishing what you do from your competitors – making sure you spark a connection with your audience. And we get that it takes only a few seconds for people to feel a sense of connection to a brand, logo or design. This informs everything we do. Whether it be creating a new brand or re-positioning an existing one, we push the boundaries to ensure we constantly exceed expectations. Part of the creative process is creating a great logo – one that says who you are and what you stand for. We will work closely with you to ensure your branding and logo design encapsulates perfectly what your business does – put simply, we will nail it!

Graphic Design

Once your brand identity and logo have been created, we will work alongside you to explore the different applications that will ensure maximum exposure. Whether it is business and loyalty cards, brochures, book covers or flyers, Ümlaut Media can help you select what you need to bring your business and brand to life – with meaningful and creative design.

Web Design

Your website is the ‘shop window’ to your organisation so it is critical to your success. At Ümlaut Media, we will work with you to create a web design that complements your brand. We have considerable expertise in designing websites in every imaginable format, style and scope – in both desktop and mobile designs.

Web Development

We have lots of options available and if you require a developer, we can provide a trusted expert who will work with you to keep all your work (and payments if required) in one place. Or you have the option of taking your design files and arranging this yourself. We are very flexible and will work with you to make the processes as simple, clear and straightforward as possible.

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